Enjoy local sake and local cuisine 麒麟のまち Festival Tower B1


Introducing the store

Tottori local sake and local cuisine in a lively restaurant

Perfect for small drinking parties, banquets, meals, entertainment, solo parties, and dates.
There are various usage scenarios. I'm looking forward to seeing you again here.


For everyday use after work

Please spend a wonderful time at ``Kirin no Machi'' where office workers, office ladies, and workers from nearby companies can have a quick drink after work◎


<Perfect for small parties such as company gatherings>

The most cost-effective and popular "drinking party set" that comes with local sake is sure to be a hit.


<Individuals are welcome! >

We have "counter seats" that can be enjoyed even by one person. Please feel free to come and have a drink!


Tourists and families welcome

Festival Hall visitors and tourists are also welcome to use it.
We are waiting for you at Festival Tower B1♪


<2 minutes walk from Higobashi Station>

Located in Festival Tower B1 near the station.
Look for the noren curtain at the entrance! We are looking forward to your visit♪


<Please relax at our spacious table seats>

We have many seats for 4 people. Please use it for meals with family, friends, girls' night out, etc.


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