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Our store's commitment

Experience the charm of cities where sacred animals live in Nakanoshima, Osaka.

Kirin no Machi is a combination of eastern Tottori and northern Hyogo areas.
Based on the concept of attract'', taste'' and ``feel'' - communicate with the five senses.
We disseminate various attractions and information, such as selling dishes and products made with carefully selected ingredients, and providing tourist information.
This is a base where you can feel the "Kirin Town" in Nakanoshima, Osaka.


Regional specialties

Enjoy the delicacies of mountains and seas born in Tottori and Hyogo

You can enjoy Japanese cuisine made with local specialties, such as fresh seafood dishes made with sandfish shipped directly from Tottori, and meat dishes made with Tottori's famous Manyo beef and Daisen chicken.


Manyo Beef, a Tottori brand of Wagyu beef that has won gold, first and first prizes at numerous competitions...The more you chew, the flavor spreads in your mouth.It is a dish full of umami, and can be enjoyed with sake and other alcoholic beverages. Excellent compatibility with.


You can also enjoy dishes made with vegetables grown in Tottori, such as beets, sand dune yam stickiness, hydroponically grown vegetables, and sand dune rakkyo.


Local sake

Approximately 30 types of local sake starting from 420 yen! (tax included)

You can enjoy Tottori Hyogo local sake purchased from 7 breweries at reasonable prices starting from 420 yen including tax.Of course, we also have seasonal recommended local sake that can only be tasted at that time of year!



4 types of Tottori cuisine including Kirin Gozen

For lunch, we offer gozen and set meals filled with the flavors of Tottori. We recommend the Kirin Gozen (1,000 yen (tax included)).
This set meal is made with plenty of local specialties, such as dried sandfish, whose flavor is condensed by drying, and sticky yam, a local vegetable.


Meat is the main meal! Lion meal 1000 yen


Tottori daily set meal 850 yen



I started taking out

Weekdays only! Daily lunch box is 600 yen, rice bowl menu is 500 yen♪
*Tax included, bag fee included


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